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Use LPG in Ventilated Area
Before connecting, check for LPG leakage
Close the regulator knob once you finish cooking
Always keep the cylinder vertical, upright during usage and storage
Always install LPG pipeline above ground level
Don’t place cylinders in closed areas.
Do not use any flammable objects near or over the burner
Do not switch on or off any lights or electrical equipment, smoke or use naked flames incase of leakage
Do not roll the cylinder
Never store LPG in basement, cellar, elevated platforms
Safety Tips for Commercial & Industrial LPG
Adequate ventilation available in the area where LPG is being used
Have LPG appliances maintained by an engineer qualified to examine such equipment
Put the safety cap on all cylinders, whether filled or empty, whenever they are not connected
Turn off the valve when cylinder is not in use
Keep enough fire-extinguishers for any possible accidents
Don’t place cylinders in closed areas.
Don’t allow use of cigarette, incense sticks, match sticks near LPG appliances or pipeline area
Don’t use mobile, camera flash or torch in the manifold area
Don’t allow unauthorized person in manifold area
Don’t let anyone handle leakage, call a trained safety personnel of authorized dealer
In case of Leakage of gas

For LPG Home

  • Place the safety cap on cylinder valve immediately and take it to the isolated place.
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation
  • Call your DO or Fire Emergency Number 101

For Commercial & Industrial LPG

  • When there is a leakage in manifold/pipeline, shut supply of by closing the adaptors.
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation.
  • Call your DO or Fire Emergency Number 101
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