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4 KG
  • Suited for small and medium sized businesses like food stalls and restaurants.
13.5 & 15 KG
  • Packed LPG in cylinder available for consumption for 4 to 6 weeks by a family for 3 to 5 members.

5 KG
  • 100% explosion small affordable packed size modern cylinders for outings.
10 KG
  • Lightweight cylinders suited for modern household kitchens.

Reliance Gas focuses on providing instant enrolment and quick hassle-free LPG connection. Over the years, we have enhanced our reputation through customer-centric approach of delivering domestic LPG cylinders to our customers’ homes at the hour convenient to them. We offer economical products packed in convenient sizes for consumption suitable to customers. We also launched India’s first 100% explosion free and safe composite cylinders which are extremely light weight and corrosion free.


LPG offers significant benefits to the domestic users, making cooking easier and convenient in various ways.

  • Clean burning fuel
  • Less carbon emissions
  • Burners have a longer life
  • Cost-effective
  • Instant and controllable heat
  • Reliable source of energy
  • LPG can be very conveniently moved
  • Easy storage & refill
  • Economical and efficient fuel
How can I get a new domestic connection?
Register using the portal by clicking here and then enroll for a new domestic connection.
What are the documents that I shall receive after getting a new connection?
No major KYC documents required. You only need valid mobile number and a residential address proof.
How do I contact my local distribution outlet?
Once you contact your distributor, based on your residential location he will appoint you the nearest outlet.
What to check when I receive my refill cylinder?
The seal should be intact. The safety cap should not have any cracks.
In case of assistance whom should I contact?
Please call us at our customer-care numbers:
+91-9004063408 for Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh
+91-9725580550 for Gujarat and Rajasthan.
In case of delayed in delivery or no response from the DO, whom should I contact?
You can send your query or complaints using the Contact Us page by clicking

Buy LPG connection from authorised Reliance Gas distributors. Please check the company seal and safety cap. Do not buy cylinder if the seal is broken. In case of LEAKAGE of gas:

  • Place the safety cap on cylinder valve immediately and take it to the isolated place.
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation.
  • Call your DO or Fire Emergency Number 101.

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