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33 KG
  • LOT (Liquid Off Take) and VOT (Vapour Off Take) fitted cylinders available for medium sized businesses.
  • It is provided with bulk gas supply and installation solutions.

45 KG
  • It is the most versatile fuel and can be used for diversified industrial needs.
  • It is customized as per the customer's requirement.

Our LOT (Liquid Off Take) and VOT (Vapour Off Take) fitted cylinders find usage in a variety of industrial applications like:

  • Furnace heating
  • Ceramics
  • Poultry farming
  • Food processing
  • Annealing in glassware
  • Dye industry
  • Ship-wreaking/cutting process
  • Material drying
  • Steel and iron industry

LPG is a trusted energy source and used in many businesses for its benefits.

  • Clean burning fuel
  • Less carbon emissions
  • Burners have a longer life
  • Cost-effective
  • Instant and controllable heat
  • Reliable source of energy
  • LPG can be very conveniently moved
  • Easy storage & refill
  • Economical and efficient fuel
  • Eco-friendly fuel
How can I get the industrial connection?
Kindly contact our distributors for enrolling for industrial gas connection. Click here to locate your nearest distributors.
What will the suitable cylinder size for my business?
Our technical team can visit and study to offer suitable solutions. Click here to get in touch.
Why the flame on the appliance is not at a constant height and varies. Why does this happen?
The cylinder is low on LPG and will need refilling soon can be one reason, In this case you should contact your supplier for a refill, or inform your supplier about the application requirements.
What is cylinder sweating?
This pressurized liquid is colder than the ambient air temperature and will cool the layer of air in direct contact through both conduction and radiation. When the air closest cools below its dew point, condensation occurs and the cylinder sweats.
In case of assistance whom should I contact?
Please call us at our customer-care numbers:
+91-9004063408 for Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh
+91-9725580550 for Gujarat and Rajasthan.

In case of LEAKAGE of gas:

  • When there is a leakage in manifold/pipeline, shut supply of by closing the adaptors.
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation.
  • Call your Dealer Outlet or Fire Emergency Number 101.

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